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Why Join NEXtCARE?
5 More Good Reasons to Join NEXtCARE:
  1. We are a Trusted Partner: NEXtCARE is part of the renowed Allianz Worldwide Partners.
  2. We are a Multi Diversified Company: Having more than 34 nationalities, NEXtCARE promotes a culture of honesty and ethical behavior through implementing an international Code of Ethics.
  3. We Care for each other: NEXtCARE supports employees to develop their skills continuously and to manage their careers successfully.
  4. We are Socially Responsible: At NEXtCARE, we take our responsibility for environmental and social issues seriously; we encourage our employees to get involved in volunteering CSR Activities.
  5. We share knowledge: "Community" for us means to share know-how and expertise. This is also true for applicants. Ask us and we'll be happy to share our insights and career advice.
Employees testimonials
When, I participated to the first training at NEXtCARE Dubai as a new employee, I was surprised to see how the employees were talking about the company with such respect and passion. Today, after 2 years of experience, as Administration Officer at NEXtCARE Casablanca, I have understood what NEXtCARE makes so special in the spirit of employees: simply '' NEXtCARE values the effort of the employees'' The results achieved and especially the challenges to be reached make my workdays a true moment of pleasure! For an experience with a multinational standards in an environment where the family empathy exists with committed employees, NEXtCARE is the excellent company !
Zahra Jihad, Administration Officer, NEXtCARE Morocco
My entry to the NEXtCARE family was of short notice. But with the opportunities and challenges I encountered here, for sure I would be sticking towards a long journey with the company. NEXtCARE has enabled me to develop my skills and abilities like no other employer has done before. I am proud to be part of it.
Cromwell Dahiroc, Human Resources, NEXtCARE Dubai
I feel so great to be a part of one of the most Dynamic fast paced organization, I joined NEXtCARE 2 years back, as a fresh employee and today I can proudly say that I work with a great vision and team, I would sincerely like to say thanks to my management and NEXtCARE for giving me the opportunity to start my career with one of the reputed companies in the region. Thank you NEXtCARE ! 
Ahmed Al Mamari,Call Center SAADA Team, NEXtCARE Dubai
I hail from a small town in India and that was town and my family was my whole world.  Joining NEXtCARE provided me not just a job but an international exposure and an opportunity to work with people from different parts of the world. Being away from home, NEXtCARE is like my second home in Dubai. Every day has been a learning experience and I look forward to working more fruitful years here. With the Employee of the Year award, I am humbled with the recognition. Thanks NEXtCARE!
Fayaz Khaleel, Offices & Facilities, NEXtCARE Dubai
I am an IT Engineer, and IT is the same everywhere. What makes a difference in my job here is an environment conducive to creative work and recognition for my efforts. Luckily for me, it is great combination of people, laughter and fun, that culminates in technical output.
Sandeep Valappil, Information Technology, NEXtCARE Dubai
I enjoy working in NEXtCARE because the people I work with are always uplifting and positive. My two years of experience to this point has been great because every day I look forward to learn, plan and implement new things. Each day I meet new clients from all entities and learn about their culture and work ethics. I am truly thankful for this opportunity to work here and also looking forward to grow here in future.
Umer Reshie, Client Relations, NEXtCARE Oman
My main motivation for joining NEXtCARE centered around the incredible growth potential. I am faced with exciting new challenges every day, and my management team provides me with the information and support to overcome any roadblocks. In my position, I have the chance to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role.     
Hana Ahmed, Human Resources, NEXtCARE Dubai
I have been employee of NEXtCARE - KSA for the past four years. During that time, I can honestly say that NEXtCARE is a truly global organization where everyone's input is appreciated and is heard across regions. NEXtCARE has provided me with countless opportunities for continuing education and professional growth. I am Proud to be part of NEXtCARE family.
Ali Al Ibrahim, Compliance, NEXtCARE Saudi Arabia
Transferring to NEXtCARE has given me as opportunity to be more independent with my work and be productive in every possible way. They have given me a change to grow as a person and be ready for high responsibility.
Analyn Aranza, Customer Service, NEXtCARE Dubai
I joined NEXtCARE in 2012 and working in this company, I have never stopped developing both personally and professionally. What makes NEXtCARE stand out is that we have a balanced emphasis placed on employee satisfaction, team effort and top quality customer service. Moreover, working in a diverse environment has given me opportunities to be a team player in the true sense of the word. The open communication across all levels of the organization has facilitated tremendous employee contribution to maintaining high standards of customer service. I am proud to say that I am at NEXtCARE, I am part of a work family that understands and acknowledges the potential of each employee and hones their talents and skills along with achieving corporate excellence.
Sneha Nithyan, Finance Department, NEXtCARE Dubai
Great learning experience, Teamwork, Professional ambiance with  family spirit and above all working with Passion.
Youmna Aoun, Offices & Facilities, NEXtCARE Lebanon
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