Group Health Insurance Management Services

Whether you are a large corporation or an SME, you can enjoy NEXtCARE services whether on an insurance plan or a self-funded where regulation allows.
As an employer, on the insurance plan you may work with us through any of the 100+ insurance partners we work with across 12 different countries varying from Multinational to Regional and local companies.
On the self-funded side, our client relations team will work with you on understanding your needs and establishing the proper coverage in place while offering you full transparency and detailed reporting on the scheme performance throughout the relationship, enabling you better understanding of the scheme behavior and adjustment throughout the duration of the policy.
Our advanced claims cost management systems and expertise will enable an optimized healthcare expenditure for your medical scheme giving you the opportunities to offer your staff and their dependents insurance plans that are richer in benefits and balanced in premium.

What is in it for your Members?

By choosing NEXtCARE as the Third party administrator of your insurance policy, your members will benefit from state of the art technology and first class services that will ensure seamless services from customer service, call center, preauthorization, claims management, as as well as access to digital solutions such as our advanced Mobile App and MyNEXtCARE member portal which offers visibility and guidance on policy benefits and claims procedure.
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