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Need a Healthy Vacation?
Sunday, July 7 2018
Need a Healthy Vacation?
Here are 5 of Our Favourite Destinations!
We all deserve to find a place to clear our tired minds and recharge. You may have noticed the wellness revolution out there, and not only when it comes to food, but to travel as well. From our travel bucket list of amazing destinations across the globe, from Ikaria, Greece, to  Bengaluru, India, to Todos Santos in Mexico, we were able to pull five favorites for rejuvenating yourself—body, mind, and soul. These places will surely have your cheeks glowing and your energy levels soaring.

Dead Sea, Jordan
The healing qualities of the phenomenal Dead Sea are just one of the reasons to visit Jordan for a healing and rejuvenating spa retreat. The salt water and rich mud banks contain minerals with remarkable health benefits from increasing circulation, to soothing arthritic pain and rejuvenating skin. Being the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea boasts some of the highest oxygen levels in the world.

Bali, Indonesia
More than just a dreamy tropical paradise with idyllic beaches, Bali expresses its own special energy. Pura Tirta Empul is a sacred spring that has attracted Balinese worshipers for more than a thousand years. People visit from near and far to bathe in the waters for healing and spiritual merit. The temples, surfing, iconic rice fields, secret canyons and adventurous cliff-jumping make it a captivating respite for those in need of natural beauty and spiritual culture.

Haad Tien Bay, Thailand
The Sanctuary Thailand – originally created as a private retreat for friends - playfully nestled in the remote jungle of Haad Tien Bay in 1989, has since opened up to be a world-renowned destination for those wishing to seek “something else” for their Asian holiday experience. It is famous for its delicious healthy food, detox programs, yoga in paradise, workshops and teacher trainings. This is the kind of place you come for a week and stay for a month (or a lifetime!).

Castello di Verona, Italy
You can treat yourself to some spa treatments at Castello di Velona Resort, Thermal Spa & Winery, a historic building dating back to the eleventh century, located on a hill overlooking the Val d'Orcia. The Resort is only 2 km from the Sant'Antimo Abbey, 12 km from Montalcino and a 30-minute drive from Siena. Castello di Velona has a 1,500 m² wellness center, as well as a restaurant with Tuscan specialties and its own production of wines and extra virgin olive oil.

Healing Waters, Turkey
The most and prominent mineralised thermal waters, muds, baths and drinking waters, recuperative for plenty of illnesses such as kidney stones and bronchitis, are in Turkey; and these natural spring waters host the visitors with four- or five-star facilities. Tourists visit and doctors recommend these natural waters with a program as these healing waters are recuperative for a host of various illnesses and conditions, even chronic ones. There are over 20 springs across Turkey to choose from, depending on what you need to help you recover. This is a trip you can make to enjoy the rich history while at the same time benefit from the healing powers of these amazing springs.
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