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5 Tips to Improve Your Family Wellness
Monday, September 9 2018
5 Tips to Improve Your Family Wellness

September is Family Health and Fitness month! Time to leave your mobile, TV and video games alone and spend it doing outdoor family activities and adding balance to life. Taking the step to get physically active with your family could be an opportunity to enjoy getting fit with some members of your family.
Here are a few things you can do:
  1. Enjoy Health Fairs: Visit a park, health club, mall or school, and enjoy health fairs, where you can participate in a variety of family health and fitness activities such as walking, biking, low-impact exercises, health screenings, games and health information workshops, kayaking, golfing, tennis and swimming. 
  2. Connect with Nature: visit a park and just connect with nature. Taking your pet along can make it more enjoyable. Many studies have been published that link parks to better physical and mental health. Visiting a park is also a great stress reliever!
  3. Introduce Healthier Foods: Take small steps to incorporate healthier foods into your family’s diet. For example, have fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of chips and sweets, substitute milk with almond milk, or reserve at least one day per week for vegetarian meals. Finding healthy and tasty alternatives to your favorite meals can gear your family toward a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Family Walk after Dinner: Family walks after dinner can also be fun and a great way to exercise.
  5. Family Game Night: Spend some quality time together by playing a board game or going outdoors with a game of basketball, tennis or a variety of outdoor activities that provide exercise and fun.
Here’s to celebrating all the things we can do to build healthy, active communities!
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