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Mobile Technology as the future of healthcare
Thursday, September 9 2018
Mobile Technology as the future of healthcare
As the Middle East continues to embrace and implement technology to improve healthcare, it is on the cusp of an era of innovation. According to a global survey, World Health Organization found that mobile health activities spread their wings in almost all countries, with variation in adoption levels. Mobile technology, such as our NEXtCARE Mobile App, is the platform which helps or supports people to get knowledge of their health at their fingertips. Want to know what our app does? Read below:
  • Use your E-Membership card
  • Access your policy benefits and limits
  • View your claims status
  • Submit and follow-up reimbursement claims
  • Find a healthcare provider by name or location
  • Submit In Patient Pre-Approval claim
  • Get a Second Medical Opinion
  • Rate your doctor visit…

Available in the App Store & Play Store:

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