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AR & Virtual Reality makes its way into healthcare
Sunday, September 9 2018
AR & Virtual Reality makes its way into healthcare
Healthcare has a varied scope for immersive technologies, and the main reason for this is the huge amount of potential investment in this field. AR and VR in the healthcare space can enable a host of things that otherwise would not have been possible. Here are a few examples:
  1. VR-enabled head mounted display (HMD) devices such as Oculus Rift can be used at medical institutes for virtual surgical training
  2. For transforming consumer experience, VR can be used in distraction therapy to simulate pleasant environments during difficult procedures.
  3. Revisiting old cases, histories of procedures, and medical treatment through Mixed Reality (AR + VR) will help patients in a deeper understanding of medical care rendered.
  4. AR can be used to augment the surgical field or operation table with paramount information that is not readily available.

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