NEXtCARE Teams up with UNHCR Lebanon
February 27 2017
NEXtCARE the leading Third Party Administrator (TPA) in the insurance sector across the MENA region, has announced a strategic partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees [UNHCR] in Lebanon to provide access to referral care for refugees at public and private hospitals under its network in Lebanon. This partnership will pave the way to provide easier access to refugees to quality referral healthcare within Lebanon. There are over 1,017,433 Syrian refugees registered with UNHCR Lebanon as of September 2016. Lebanon also hosts around 22,007 refugees mainly from Iraq, Sudan, and Somalia. NEXtCARE and UNHCR will work closely to provide beneficiaries effortless access to life-saving healthcare services including medical consultations, prescriptions, Laboratory tests, etc. in the hospitals without hassle. While the primary health care strategy is the core of all interventions, referral care is an essential part of access to comprehensive health services for the refugees. As part of the partnership, NEXtCARE and UNHCR have agreed upon a standard operating procedure specifying the referral process, approval of admission in the hospital, and the level of assistance required coverage and other cost considerations. “The partnership between UNHCR and NEXtCARE is critical to ensuring access to essential high-quality healthcare services for refugees in Lebanon in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, ” said Michael Woodman, Senior Public Health Officer at the Beirut office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Jihad Flayhan, General Manager at NEXtCARE in Lebanon, said, “We are delighted to announce such an agreement with UHNCR in this humanitarian cause; NEXtCARE and UNHCR will work closely to provide beneficiaries easy access to an array of quality healthcare services at optimal cost without the need for pre-authorization.” NEXtCARE has reinforced its leadership in Lebanon and the wider region, with its insurer portfolio registering continuous increase to touch new levels. NEXtCARE Lebanon recently garnered the first place across the region for the second year running, with the number of insurers exceeding 400,000 members. NEXtCARE, which works closely with insurance companies and other types of payers as administrative support, operates the region’s first 24/7 medically staffed and multilingual call center for a direct and partner network allowing cashless access across various countries.
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