Network Management
NEXtCARE offers you the widest network on cashless basis inclusive of clinics, polyclinics, lab, radiology, hospitals and pharmacies. A dedicated insurance procurement  function ensures strong contractual agreements and best negotiated rates  are implemented with various providers coupled with strong provider performance management supported by strong dashboards, score cards and real time reporting..

Production function enables detailed setting of benefits, limits, coverage while creating policies through a granular matrix of benefits ensuring proper benefit management and application of restrictions.

Call Centre
NEXtCARE runs and operates one of the most advanced multilingual 24/7 call centre managed by medical professionals with tight quality metrics to ensure prompt response and customer satisfaction.

Depending on the markets in which NEXtCARE operates, pre-authorisations are highly automated backed by a strong edit medical engine that enables a prompt auto response on most of the transactions reducing patient waiting time and facilities and optimizing cost.  

Claims Processing
NEXtCARE specialises in medical claims management supported by strong edit engines and highly automated process ensuring optimised performance at both operational and claim cost level.

Having several thousand providers within its network, NEXtCARE ensures timely and precise financial reconciliation through a highly effective and transparent process.

Customer Service
Being customer centric company, NEXtCARE believes customer experience should be a seamless and effective one in that respect a dedicated customer service unit focus on the overall client relationship supported by a powerful CRM tool.
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