Working with NEXtCARE means one benefits to access to one of the most advanced IT platform. TATSH, NEXtCARE’s core website application is highly flexible and agile as it responds to more than 100 payer’s needs and requirements from production to claims adjudication, management and reporting.

Pulse enables thousands of providers from different markets and regions to connect to NEXtCARE to facilitate a seamless access to members through eligibility check, preauthorization and claims submission.

The members’ beneficiaries’ portal, MyNEXtCARE, enables members to access an array of services such as locating providers, claim notification and submission, enquiry … and other.

Mobile App
A one stop shop self-servicing tool with innovative integrated solutions inclusive of, on top of MyNEXtCARE services, Map ID, Rate Visit, E-card and Second Medical Opinion.

Online Portal
NEXtCARE offers its clients a while label online end to end solution that enables seamless member enrolment, premium payment and service activation without any human activation.
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