For Employers
NEXtCARE develops innovative solutions to ensure efficiency and transparency. A fully dedicated team works on developing solutions that enable electronic data exchange between stakeholders of the industry including insurance and reinsurance companies, self-insured employers, regulators, health service providers and end-users.

TATSH NEXtCARE’s proprietary turnkey software is at the core of its successful operations. This 360º software delivers a cost-effective electronic solution to private healthcare schemes by streamlining processes whilst ensuring competitiveness and profitability. Internet communication technology is leveraged and all partners are trained and connected to TATSH in order to communicate, exchange live information and perform transactions online with ultimate efficiency. An intuitive graphical interface links users through the internet to the TATSH software which runs on a highly available technology platform utilizing Oracle database and Microsoft products.  TATSH provides NEXtCARE clients with unmatched transparency and insight into the management of their healthcare portfolio.

TATSH delivers a complete array of online capabilities which allow payers and reinsurers alike to link into NEXtCARE’s 24/7 operations. System users have real time access and retrieval capability to online policy management and production modules, claims processing, account management, receivables control, on-line statistics retrieval, actuarial reporting, reinsurance and robust data transfer ability.
1 Proprietary turnkey solution that have been developed and continuously improved
2 Online system to which all parties are connected
3 Strongly integrated Edit engines that enables automated adjudication decisions
4 Exchange of live information and online transactions with ultimate efficiency
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