Welcome to the Careers section of NEXtCARE.

NEXtCARE provides complete health insurance management and administration services to healthcare payers including self-insured employers.

We at NEXtCARE look for the brightest talent, we welcome candidates of all abilities, we embrace every talent and develop their capabilities, we empower every person to achieve the goals, and most importantly, we connect with our people!

Our Culture is:
A Culture of wellness: At NEXtCARE, we promote a healthy lifestyle. Not only do we promote wellness activities and practices inside our offices, but we also sponsor sports and wellness events outside the offices.

A Culture of Career Development: At NEXtCARE, the sky is your limit. We only welcome growth minds. Your professional development is your responsibility in partnership with your manager. We provide a range of wonderful opportunities for those who dare. Once you join, you are already part of our talent management process, and if ambitious enough, you grow!
We, as well, welcome interns and support them to adapt to the corporate environment so that they can embark upon their career journey in the community. 

A Culture of Diversity: We welcome people from various backgrounds, and we believe that every culture, background and experience brings added value to our business.
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