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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the frequently asked questions for Global below. Please use the country selector at the top of the page for FAQs in your country.

  • 1.Who is NEXtCARE?

    NEXtCARE is the leading Third Party Administrator in the region and member of the world leading Allianz Group.

  • 2.Is NEXtCARE an Insurance Company?

    No, NEXtCARE is a Third Party Administrator who works closely with insurance companies and other types of Payers as an administrative support.

  • 3.What role does NEXtCARE play?

    NEXtCARE specializes in providing complete Health Insurance management and Third Party Administration services to Insurers and other Payers of Healthcare.

  • 4.How can I enroll with NEXtCARE?

    You can enroll with NEXtCARE through our insurance companies and self funded schemes, kindly visit our Business Partners page.

  • 5.How do I use my health insurance card?

    You need to present your NEXtCARE Health Insurance card each time you visit a  health services provider within our network before service is obtained in order to qualify for direct billing.

  • 6.Can I visit a non network provider?

    Yes you can, however NEXtCARE will not be able to pay your bills directly. You have to pay the charges in full and file a reimbursement claim for eligible expenses. Check your contract if it allows for reimbursement.

  • 7.What is considered a preexisting condition?

    Any Beneficiary health condition known to the Beneficiary and/or to the Contractholder that exhibited symptoms or was a consequence of Injury or Illness for which medical, Surgical and/or pharmaceutical Treatment, medical diagnosis or other advice was provided prior to the Beneficiary's Enrollment Date.


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Frequently Asked Questions