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Additional Services

Training & Orientation

NEXtCARE offers payers, clients and insured members a wide range of support, orientation, training and health promotion services including:

  • Human Resource training on the health insurance scheme & administration
  • Employee launch seminars and Employee orientation packages
  • Card design ,Beneficiary user guide design ,Network booklets
  • Benefit website information for intranet use
  • Ongoing co-ordination assistance

Statistics & Data Transfer

The statistics offered by NEXtCARE’s internet based system (TATSH) are vast. Data collection is granular and can be extracted according to preset reporting. Some examples of claims reports include but are not limited to:

  • Total claim charges and cost sharing data related to coparticipations/deductibles
  • Submitted, ineligible, eligible charges
  • Members utilization and paid amounts
  • Drill down capability to view minor diagnostic groupings
  • In-network / out-network utilization


NEXtCARE provides consultancy services to all Payers from product design and reinsurance support to claims management and utilization review. NEXtCARE’s extensive experience provides an ideal partnership opportunity to improve employee benefits, administration and performance based on each Payer’s needs and requirements.

VIP Services

With years of experience in claims administration, NEXtCARE understands the unique needs of each segment of the broad span of payers, employer groups and patients that it serves.  To cater to the busy corporate executive layers of employer groups, NEXtCARE is innovative in assisting these individuals during their healthcare needs and has developed special programs which enhance the clinical experience of these VIP category individuals.

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