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Check-Up Schedule

Care and periodical check ups
Clinical exam and healthcare advice Yearly
Weight watch Periodically
Dental check up
Hearing check up Periodically after 65.
Eyes check up Every 3 to 5 years for people with no vision troubles. Should be more frequent after the age of 50.
Periodically after 65.


Tests for the early diagnosis of diseases and for health status
Measuring the blood tension Yearly
Cholesterol test (HDL, LDL, triglycerides) •    At the age of 35 for men. Then every 5 years.
•    At the age of 45 for women. Then every 5 years.
•    Before this age if there is a genetic factor.
Diabetes test
Periodically for those prone to diabetes (genetically, obesity, pregnancy diabetes).


Tests for the early diagnosis of cancer
Skin self-examination Monthly
Occult blood in feces (3 consecutive days) At the age of 50. Then, yearly in the absence of a sigmoidoscopy
Rectal exam
At the age of fifty. Then every 3-5 years.
At the age of fifty. Then every 3-5 years (or after 10 years in the event of a colonoscopy).
For men only:
Testicular self-examination
For women only:
Breast self-examination
Monthly, right after the childbearing period
For women only:
Breast exam by a health professional
For women only:
Every year or two after forty. Before if there is a heredity factor. Consult your doctor at the age of 70
For women only:
Pap smear
Yearly for women sexually active (after three negative results for three consecutive years

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